Thursday, 14 June 2018

Cut Throat's 2018 Half Time Review

We have past the half way point of 2018 and so it's time for my half way review.

1. Learn to Butcher and Fishmonger.

I can confidently gut, fillet and skin most of the fish that I like to cook. Monkfish is an exception but it is very rare for anyone to buy that whole. I still need to tick off more shellfish, mussels and oysters I'm fine with - though I have learnt that oysters are no longer a safe bet due to our world's oceans slowly turning into a sludge of pollution - but dressing crab, langoustines and deveining prawns are skills still to be mastered.

Butchery I have not practised at all and am relatively uncertain about where to begin, since it is an mostly impractical habit if you don't own a very large freezer or have access to wholesalers. I'll see what I can do with various bone-in joints to build some carnivorous familiarity over the next few months.

2. Study with a Purpose.

Reading has slowed over the last week as I prepare to move house, again, but I have ticked off almost my entire reading list when it comes to closely studying pedagogy. I'll be moving on to word religions soon which should take less time to familiarise myself with  since I have a slightly more compact reading list for that topic.

I mentioned using Nietzsche as a third area of study but I might swap that out for pragmatism/philosophy of science/epistemology just so I can spend a little more time looking at 'analytic' philosophers.

3. The Youtube Party is Over

Youtube has won. Damn.

4. Sleep Better. Eat Better.

Due to me having to attend a lot of late night events over the past couple of weeks I have gotten less sleep than I had hoped. Over the past couple of months I have gotten more unbroken sleep through reading and writing (on paper, not on a laptop) before bed. My diet has improved further, I have undergone a period of caloric restriction which even now has given me a more acute awareness of the sheer caloric density of junk food.

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