Sunday, 1 April 2018

Cut Throat's 2018 Quarterly Review

1. Learn to Butcher and Fishmonger.

Plenty of fun had on this front, at this moment focused entirely on fish. Skinning, filleting, boning I do it all now. Just a case of practising this more before heading on to meat. It is very time consuming but also very satisfying to present someone with fish you have handled and processed from the start.

2. Study with Purpose.

I have picked three areas of study for the year: Pedagogy, particularly social/political debates about the purpose and nature of of good education; World Religion, since I know so little about them compared to Philosophy and finally for fun, Nietzsche... a lot of his themes resonate with me, others less so and it would be nice to have a properly informed position on his work.

3. The (Youtube) Party is Over.

This has been a mixed victory for me, a lot of my work now involves scouring Youtube for interesting sources and accessible videos so it hasn't been particularly useful resolution, however the block on social media has been both effective and well adhered to.

4. Sleep Better. Eat Better.

I certainly sleep better now that I have cool down period at the end of the day and I have generally started going to bed early and getting higher quality sleep. Cutting down on my casual alcohol consumption during the week has also helped me get deeper sleep. Finally portioning up my food and batch cooking has helped keep my diet in better shape, it is still nowhere near as under control as I want it to be but it certainly better than what it was before the start of this year.

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