Friday, 1 April 2016

First Quarterly Review of 2016

Time to reflect on the succeses and concessions of my fight against sloth and gluttony: welcome to Cut-throat and Clueless' Quarterly Review.

The Resolutions

1. Writing, Running, Reading.
Incorporating this augmented trio into an - almost - daily routine has been surprisingly easy. Writing wise I've produced a couple of radio plays and short stories that I'm very happy with - alongside some amateur ballads and free-verse poems of varying quality. Promisingly, exercise no longer reduces me to a pile of helpless splutters and has occasionally proved itself to be fun. However, on a less triumphant note, my reading has been slow this month due to a burn-out from all the heavy reading I did in January/February.

In the following weeks I'll adopt more body-weight orientated training and maybe start practising Judo or MMA again; in the meantime I'll continue writing and patiently wait for my reading appetite to recover.

2. Get Techie.
Nothing but stagnation on this front; once I clear some mental space I'll get right on to it... I promise.

3. Get Foodie.
Currently consolidating my efforts to hone some of my favourites meals; alcohol wise I have been sipping my way through variants of the Daiquri and found that Cacha├ža is an excellent full-bodied alternative to rum.

I used to do some great batch cooking - sauces, chutneys etc - and I'd like to return to it in order to perfect the method. There is something wonderfuly satisfying about handing a friend "a thing that you have made " which they can enjoy at their own leisure.

The Hit List

1. Video Games
This resolution has been an abject failure: I'm  playing Minecraft as I type this. Who'd have thought that an abstinence policy would backfire? 

2. Video Editing
A successful resolution in so far as I have not attempted to make any videos, however...

3. Misc
While I haven't picked up any new hobbies, I have continued trying to produce a little amateur humanities audio podcast. Time consuming, perhaps... but I think you'll find it's perfectly in line with this year's ethos:

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