Thursday, 9 April 2015

Goals for the Second Quarter

You know the drill, I hate these as much as anyone else does but it's my blog hence you will suffer through.

Here are three sub-resolutions, corresponding with my previously posted annual resolutions, that are intended to direct my energy into self-betterment threby challenging the status quo of self-destruction.  

#1 All Late Modern Fiction Makes Jack A Dull Boy.

While I do appreciate the ever expanding vistas that have been offered to me by loosening the rather tight leash that I normally keep my reading schedule on, as ever, I want more.  More contemporary work will be added to my diet along with some more European literature, preferably predating the 20th century.

#2 Fighting Machine

My cardio has gotten a lot better since the beginning of the new year and my diet is similarly in a much improved state. What I need now is an activity to  challenge me and provide some motivation so taking my cue from Dizzy Rascal and his immortal line "All I care about is sex and violence" I will join the local judo club.

I have not participated in any form of combat athletics for over two years now, I'm looking forward to making a return. As for the sex part, I'll just have to hope to get lucky more often.

#3 Dropping the Bass, in Favour of Something More Refined.

Basically this part of my resolution has been the one I have capitalised on the least. I figure this is because there is no clear method of progression. The method I now propose is looking over the Albums that I do own, online or physical, tracking down the artists recent work and looking through the sound-tracks of other media that I like for new bands and musicians. You have got to start with that which you already love.  

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