Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year. New Blog. New Resolution.

These things are always painful to write and often just as excruciating to read.

I have however promised myself not to reduce this blog to the airing of sentimental grievances lest I leave my readers staring at these sentences with the same irate pity one directs at a drunk crying about their ex who so cruelly, if not understandably, jilted them.

So having made my promise public I profess to at no point permit this polemic regarding my past personal choices to plough on any longer than is positively necessary.

Forward nihilist soldiers, marching to the end!

  #1 - All Non-Fiction Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

At a dinner party two weeks ago a guest confessed to being an avid reader, the conversation did not go as well as expected as I overlooked the entirety of fiction and assumed she would want to discuss Schopenhauer, she did not. Looking back it has been a number of years since I have last picked up, finished or otherwise seriously attempted to read anything other than non-fiction and in all honesty I fear that I have been missing out.

I think there is something to be said about the truth, or at least the psychological importance, of fiction and so I'm going to try make this a year where I allow my hands to wander away from the politics and economics section and perhaps start with some short stories or even, god forbid, some humour?  




#2 - Get Up! Get on Up! Get on the Scene! Like Some Sort of Machine!

My work, not my actual job, but the stuff I'm trying to get a career in, and my leisure time share an unfortunate commonality. They both involve sitting in front of some sort of computing device and between my work work and my work on the laptop I tend to consume an unjustifiable quantity of energy juice and coffee. Ironically neither of these caffeine laced beverages has made me active in any way shape or form.

Now I'm not going to start talking about exercise or even begin aiming for a healthy diet, I have no intentions of starting something I can't finish. But maybe... maybe going for a walk in the mornings on my days off would be do-able. And maybe I should get on a train to see friends more often.

#3 I Need to Get More Boom Ba Doom Doom Boom Ba Doom Doom Bass.




Recently I have been enjoying a series of podcasts featuring Glen Wool and Frankie Boyle. Outside of that, in terms of auditory pleasure, I have some pretty eclectic tastes but I rarely venture far from what I know unless it's by accident. Extending my familiarity with nice noises whether they be radio shows I can play in the background or just  new artists worth adding to the eternally shifting music collection that exists in my mind will be another aim of the year.

On the other hand my ability to listen to the same song ad nauseam may prove to be a benefit if I ever convert to radical Islam, get captured and sent to Guantanamo.


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